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    SmartBand 2

    Find your balance in life

    Activity tracker with intelligent heart rate monitor

    Available colors


    • An activity tracker with a smooth silicone strap
    • Track your heart rate and activity with the SmartBand 2 from Sony®
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    • An activity tracker with a smooth silicone strap
    • Track your heart rate and activity with the SmartBand 2 from Sony®

    Your heart. Your data.

    Check your pulse during physical activity or see how everyday life affects your pulse and stress levels, and learn how to live a more balanced life.

    • Beats per minute

      The heart rate monitor constantly takes your pulse, letting you see what makes your heart race or how hard you pushed yourself during that workout.

    • Feeling well

      See what makes you calm, excited, and everything in between. Using heart rate variability (HRV), the milliseconds between each heartbeat, the SmartBand 2 measures your pulse and stress levels during everyday activities.

    • Plan your day

      The SmartBand 2 tracks your recent activity data, including exercise, stress and sleep quality, offering you insights about your health and wellness.

    Track your moves

    This activity tracker is equipped with sensors to monitor your movements (and snoozes). So whether you’re running, walking, or sleeping, the SmartBand 2 will track it all.




    Leave your phone behind

    When the SmartBand 2 is in independent mode, you can leave your phone at home and continue tracking your activity, making it ideal for monitoring a run.

    Keep it on. Style it up.

    Mix and match

    The SmartBand 2‘s core can easily be popped out of the soft silicone strap. Choose your strap from a range of stunning colors to match your style—white, black, pink, or indigo.

    Choose your SmartBand 2‘s color

    Splash, swim, or dive

    Once you start wearing your SmartBand 2 activity tracker, you won’t want to take it off. With an IP (Ingress Protection) rating of IP68, your SmartBand is both water resistance** and dust-tight. So you can keep it on while you take a shower, jog in the rain, or dive into the pool.

    Charge and go

    The SmartBand 2 charges up fast. Keep going for up to five days in STAMINA mode, or up to two days with heart rate monitoring turned on.****

    Choose how you log

    There are many ways to keep track of your SmartBand 2 activity data. For Android*** users, there’s a dedicated host app to view recent data, or the Sony Lifelog app for a full timeline of heart rate data and statistics straight from your activity tracker. iOS users can download a host app that logs, analyzes, and stores all activity and heart data.

    Android host app

    Sony Lifelog app

    iOS host app

    ** The SmartBand 2 is water resistance and dust-tight as long as you follow a few simple instructions: do not take the SmartBand 2 deeper than 32.8 feet of water and for longer than 30 minutes, and make sure the water is fresh water. Casual use in chlorinated pools is permitted, provided the SmartBand 2 is rinsed in fresh water afterwards. No seawater and no salt water pools. Abuse and/or improper use of the device will invalidate warranty. The SmartBand 2 has an Ingress Protection rating of IP68.

    *** Bluetooth® encryption is supported on devices running Android™ version 5.0 and later.

    **** Usage measured against Sony Mobile’s typical SmartBand usage profile (including but not limited to notifications, activity tracking, HR and HRV monitoring, and phone data syncing).

    This product is intended to help you track your exercise and lifestyle. It is not a medical device, and data from it should never be used to make medical decisions (like preventing, diagnosing, monitoring, or treating a disease or injury) or replace the advice of a medical professional. Sony Mobile disclaims any warranty that this device could be used or suitable for medical purposes. Seek medical advice before undertaking a new or altered training regime using this device, particularly if using this device together with a pacemaker or other medical devices.