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    Xperia Gallery

    Take photography and cinematography to a whole new level. Xperia smartphones take advanced technologies from Sony's Alpha Cameras and puts them is the palm of your hand. Take a look at some of the great shot taken with Xperia.

    Capture the moment

    Just point and shoot, and let Xperia do the rest. Take beautiful photos every time even in challenging low light situations. Get outstanding image quality with every photo.

    Eye Autofocus

    With Eye AF technology from Sony’s Alpha cameras, lock on to your subject faster and create unforgettable images.

    16mm super wide-angle lens

    16mm wide angle lens

    26mm versatile lens

    26mm lens

    52mm portrait and tele lens

    52mm portrait and tele lens

    Triple lens camera

    Get outstanding image quality in every photo with a triple lens camera for any situation.

    Macro Bokeh with a defocused background

    Macro Bokeh

    Get creative and see your subject stand out with a defocused background.

    Portrait Bokeh with a soft out-of-focus background

    Portrait Bokeh

    Take beautiful portraits with a soft out-of-focus background.

    Take full control

    Manual mode offers several settings to give you more creative control over the final image. From shutter speed to exposure value, you’re in control to achieve the perfect shot.

    Dominika Koszowska, Professional Photographer

    Dominika Koszowska, Professional Photographer

    Winner of the 8th annual Mobile Photography Award for MPA Photographer of the Year, Dominika is a graduate of Graphic Design from the Katowice Institute of Information Technologies & the Department of Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland.

    Using the seasons, cityscapes, and clever compositions to elevate her photos, Dominika captures incredible landscape shots that achieves both a technical and emotional depth. Her work has been included in over a dozen art exhibitions around the world.

    Photography from Dominika Koszowska
    Photography from Dominika Koszowska
    Photography from Dominika Koszowska
    Photography from Dominika Koszowska

    Cinema Pro

    Record movies with a cinematic feel. Together with Sony’s digital motion picture camera engineers, we have created Cinema Pro based on cameras used by real creators. It gives you access to professional Look colour management pre-sets, 21:9 aspect ratio, 4K HDR and 24fps settings.

    Experience innovative short film “TASTE”

    Shot with Cinema Pro from Xperia

    Immerse your senses in “TASTE” – a short film by Shep Films captured entirely using the advanced camera technology of Xperia and made in collaboration with Sony Innovation Studios. "TASTE" is the story of a chef who uses brand new technology to capture flavours with a state of the art optical sensor. We follow the chef as she goes on an international expedition acquiring new ingredients in a quest to prepare a dish like never served before.

    Written & Directed by Chris Caldwell & Zeek Earl, Directors, Shep Films
    World Premiere at CinefestOZ Film Festival presented by Glenn Gainor, President, Sony Innovation Studio

    Directors Zeek Earl and Chris Caldwell

    Explore the making of ”TASTE”

    From the bright city lights to the quiet countryside, follow the epic journey of Zeek Earl & Chris Caldwell of Shep Films in their mission to create the Xperia-made short film “TASTE”. With a smaller crew and the streamlined camera apparatus of Xperia, directors Zeek Earl and Chris Caldwell discuss the unique story they were able to tell – filming in bold new settings otherwise difficult to access with conventional camera equipment.

    Written & Directed by Chris Caldwell & Zeek Earl, Directors, Shep Films
    World Premiere at CinefestOZ Film Festival presented by Glenn Gainor, President, Sony Innovation Studio

    Shinya Tsukamoto Film Directo

    Shinya Tsukamoto, Film Director

    Shinya Tsukamoto won the 1988 PIA Film Festival Grand Prize for “The Adventures of Electric Rod Boy”. And in 1989, he won the Grand Prize at Fantafestival (Italy) the same year as the theatrical release for “Tetsuo: The Iron Man”. Since then, his films have been distributed around the world and making him a regular at international film festivals. He has won numerous awards both in Japan and overseas.

    “The oldest existing movie theater in Japan”

    Location: Takada Sekaikan, Niigata prefecture

    One of the oldest movie theaters in Japan, Takada Sekaikan, shot with Cinema Pro on Xperia 1. Enjoy the tasteful images of Cinema Pro which has captured the unique beauty and style of this historical building. Watch as the versatility of the Xperia 1 captures scenes that is only possible with a smartphone.

    Venice, Italy – Shot with Cinema Pro

    Adam Nicholas, Professional Film Maker

    Some features may not be available in certain products.