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    Sound Technology

    Listening defined and redefined

    We’ve been honing audio perfection for a long time. From the enduring WALKMAN® to high-end audio equipment, our history in sound technology brings the best listening experiences and audio enhancement to Sony and Xperia products.

    Music as the artist intended

    With High-Resolution Audio

    Play High-Resolution Audio tracks on your Xperia smartphone and get closer to the clarity of an original recording. When you hear every intake of breath and every pluck of the guitar string, you’ll wonder how you ever listened to music in any other way.

    Audiophiles listen up

    By using sampling frequencies and bit-rates three to six times higher than CD or MP3, High-Resolution Audio makes music clearer, sharper and more complex. Close your eyes and you’re in the recording studio.

    Original analogue recording

    Original analogue recording

    The complete sound from an original analogue recording.

    CD recording

    CD recording

    The compressed file format of CD contributing to a less detailed sound quality.

    Hi-Res Audio

    Hi-Res Audio

    The more comprehensive sampling format of Hi-Resolution Audio, providing outstanding clarity of sound.

    Fill in the blanks

    Boost low-res music files with DSEE HX™

    If all your tracks aren’t High-Resolution Audio, you can still enjoy your regular music library in near hi-res quality. Our Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE HX™) replaces missing data so the subtleties of the original are restored.

    Wireless without less

    Optimum sound via Bluetooth with LDAC

    If you’re connecting your Xperia device to a Bluetooth speaker or headset, LDAC ensures you don’t lose a drop of sound quality. With three times faster data transfer, every beat is crystal-clear and tracks are enhanced to near Hi-Res quality.

    Escape into undisturbed sound

    Block out external noise with DNC

    Your Xperia device is kitted with Digital Noise Cancelling (DNC) technology. Pair with DNC headphones and reduce up to 98% of exterior noise. Leaving you to enjoy the music, undisturbed.

    DNC removes low-frequency sounds so high-frequency sounds can never reach the ear.

    Sound level sensitive

    Using active noise control technology, DNC removes low-frequency sounds so high-frequency sounds can never reach the ear. Choose a setting to optimise the level of sound cancelation to suit your environment.

    Traveling at the speed of sound

    Spatially dispersed audio with Binaural recording

    Record with your Xperia and when playing back, Binaural recording places sounds in your headphones in the correct location. Film a live concert, then experience the night again and again with the guitar solo on the left, vocals centre stage and drums on the right.

    Use any headphones

    Use any headphones

    Because we’ve stuck to a standard headphone jack in all our smartphones, you can use your favourite old pair for your favourite tunes.

    Sound made for you

    Sound made for you

    Automatic Headphone Optimization analyses headphone type and ear shape to create the optimal sound for you.