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    Xperia™ Battery life

    Discover a battery life breakthrough

    Xperia smartphones not only bring you a battery that keeps going when you need it the most, but also a ground breaking lifespan that lasts up to twice as long1. Keeping your smartphone stronger for longer.

    A smarter charge. A longer lifetime.

    A smartphone battery that’s designed to stay strong

    The latest Xperia smartphones have a longer battery lifespan. Most batteries quickly decline in strength the more you charge. But with the help of Qnovo Adaptive Charging and Battery Care, your smartphone battery will stay powerful for up to twice as long.

    A battery health check

    With Qnovo Adaptive Charging

    Using Qnovo’s groundbreaking adaptive charging technology, we are able to constantly monitor battery conditions, adjusting the charging currents to minimise damage and maximise lifespan.

    Intuitive charging

    With Battery Care

    Charging your phone overnight is convenient, but if left plugged in after it’s fully charged, battery life degrades. Battery Care solves this by learning your wake up time. It charges to 90%, pauses, then tops up to 100% to start your day.

    Do more of the things you love

    With a battery that lasts

    This battery sets our smartphones apart and lets you do more. Our hardware maximises battery capacity without compromising phone size. Our software optimises the processor for high performance with just the right power consumption.

    Squeeze out every drop

    STAMINA Mode for when you need it most

    When you really need to eke out your battery power, switch on STAMINA Mode. With three power saving levels to choose from, it automatically adjusts your settings to keep your phone active for longer.

    Battery time preferred

    Phone, email and browse as normal, but restrict battery guzzling functions like background data and GPS.

    Balanced power saving

    Save power without losing all the everyday smartphone features you love.

    Device performance preferred

    Use your phone as normal and restrict only high power use like image enhancement.

    Power up in no time

    Use Quick Charger UCH12W with the latest Xperia smartphones to get hours of power with just a few minutes charge.


    1. 1The result may vary depending on conditions and battery cell generation Definition: One cycle consists of charging to 100%, holding 20min at 100%, discharging to 0%, and waiting 20min at 0%. The procedures are performed with the battery held in a controlled steady temperature chamber. Reference charging is performed using the CCCV method. pan up to 2 times longer with Qnovo.