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    Xperia Ear

    Your personal assistant

    Managing your day has never been easier with Xperia Ear there to assist you.
    Send and receive messages, check your schedule, search, navigate, and more. All without picking up your phone.

    A great conversation starter

    Talk to your Xperia Ear and get more done

    Your Xperia Ear is easy to talk to — it listens and reacts, just like in a normal conversation. Ask it to perform a task or give you some information and it will deliver what you need, straight into your ear.

    “What have I got scheduled for tomorrow?”

    “You have two events starting tomorrow, meeting with John Roberts from 10am and dinner at the Spice Lounge at 7pm”

    “How do I get to The Spice Lounge?”

    Showing how to get to The Spice Lounge by car: In 10 meters take a right on Mission Street…

    “Send message to John Roberts – I’m running 10 minutes late”

    “Message sent to John”

    Make your move

    Intuitive motion control

    Xperia Ear is engineered with intuitive gesture sensitivity. With an integrated proximity sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer, it knows if it’s in your ear, not in use or in its charging case, and reacts accordingly. You can even use a nod of the head to confirm a command.

    Always updated

    Your Xperia Ear knows when you’ve placed it in your ear, and will automatically turn on to deliver the latest updates.

    Discreet commands

    By using simple head gestures, you can give your Xperia Ear a command without making a sound.

    Tailored for you

    Customise your Xperia Ear settings

    The smartphone host app makes it easy to tailor your Xperia Ear just for you. Decide what info you want at the start of the day, choose shortcuts, select apps for notifications and add other personal tweaks.

    Reach the people that matter

    Now with Anytime Talk

    Enjoy instant, real-time voice messaging at just the press of a button. Anytime Talk puts you in contact with up to four other Xperia Ear users at once, and it’s simple to set up via the host app.

    Designed to fit your world

    With comfort and style

    Xperia Ear is designed to feel as great as it looks. With a super-comfortable ear-fit and a sleek, stylish look you won’t think twice about wearing it all day.

    Daily Star

    “This tiny wireless ear-piece brings a new way of communicating”

    Financial Review

    “With the Xperia Ear, Sony wants to explode your notion of the mobile phone”


    • Personalised information for updates on the go

    • Voice commands for hands-free phone use

    • Lightweight so you can wear it all day

    • Voice optimisation, background noise reduction

    Core unit 6.6g, Charging Case 39g
    Core unit 15.2 x 29.3 x 24.3 mm, charging case 29 x 41 x 60mm
    IPX2 water protection
    English (UK), English (US), German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese

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