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    12 Movies Offer Terms and Conditions (AUSTRALIA):

    1. The promotion begins 23rd June, 2016 and will end 31st March, 2017. Privilege Plus voucher code must be redeemed by 30th April 2017.
    2. To be eligible for this promotion you must own a Xperia X Series handset :
      • Xperia XA (F3115)
      • Xperia X (F5121)
      • Xperia X Peformance (F8131)
      • Xperia XZ (F8331)
      • Xperia XA Ultra (F3212, F3213, F3215, F3216)

      or a Xperia Z5 Premium purchased from an Australian operator or retailer between 23rd June, 2016 and 31st March, 2017, and have activated your device and downloaded the 12 Movies Voucher Code from Xperia Lounge app between 23rd June, 2016 and 31st January, 2017.

    3. Redemption requires the Xperia™ Lounge app and the Privilege Plus app to be installed, both available on Google Play. Compatible device with Android v4.2 or later required.
    4. The 12 movies offer experience may take up to 72 hours to show up on Xperia Lounge app once your device is activated (or first turned on).
    5. This promotion entitles the owner of Xperia™ devices (“You”) to claim and download 12 movies from a selection of at least 100 movies in the Privilege Plus Android™ application. Titles vary by market. If you’re not connected to WiFi, data charges may apply. You do have the option to view your content offline by downloading first. The value of the offer is approximately $235. The value of this promotion was verified on 30 September, 2016.
    6. You are only entitled to one voucher per purchase (“phone, accessories etc”). This promotion can be discontinued or extended at any time at Sony Mobile’s discretion.
    7. Transaction in Privilege Plus requires in app credits. Credits expired on the 30th April 2017. Privilege Plus users must have redeemed their movie credit (s), downloaded their movies, and viewed one of their downloads at least once by the 30th April 2017 to continue to own their movie (s). You acknowledge and agree that titles are subject to change without prior notice. All titles are offered in standard definition and high definition where possible. You may use up to three eligible devices per Privilege Plus account. You may need more memory on your phone to download all films so use of a memory card is recommended. Privilege Plus is not available, or may not be supported, in every country and language. Icons and images are simulated and are for illustrative purpose only. You must be aged 18 or over. Virtual Reality experiences are only available on selected devices. Virtual Reality experiences should only be viewed while seated. Follow all instructions included with your VR viewer before use. Stop use if you experience any discomfort or health reactions. Virtual Reality not recommended for children under 7. ©2016 Layout and Design Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved Ghostbusters© 1984 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved. “GHOSTBUSTERS” and “GHOST DESIGN” are trademarks of Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Hotel Transylvania 2 © 2015 Sony Pictures Animation Inc., LSC Film Corporation and MRC II Distribution Company L.P. All Rights Reserved. Pixels© 2015 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc., LSC Film Corporation and China Film Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. The Walk© 2015 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. and LSC Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Chappie. © 2015 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc., LSC Film Corporation and MRC II Distribution Company L.P. All Rights Reserved. Terminator Salvation © 2009 T Asset Acquisition Company, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 © 2015 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. and LSC Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Open Season: Scared Silly © 2015 Sony Pictures Animation Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Lady in the Van © 2015 Van Productions Limited and British Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved. The 5th Wave © 2016 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. and LSC Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
    8. Sony is a trademark or registered trademark of Sony Corporation. Android, Google Chrome and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. All terms are subject to change without prior notice. Additional information regarding trademarks may be located on our website at: ©2016 Sony Mobile Communications Inc.

    Privilege Plus Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is it?

    What is Privilege Plus?

    Privilege Plus is an Android application that allows you to redeem and watch great entertainment included with the purchase of selected Sony Mobile devices & accessories.

    How does the service work?

    This service allows you to redeem your Xperia™ Lounge voucher code via your device. Simply launch the Privilege Plus application from your device, enter your voucher code (available through the Xperia™ Lounge Application), create an account (or log in if you are a returning user), and choose the content you want to download.

    How do I create an account?

    Tap ‘Create Account’ within the application. Enter your email address. Enter a password and re-enter it to confirm it.

    I forgot my password. What do I do?

    Should you forget your password please tap “Forgot Password” on the login screen in the app, then enter your email address. Privilege Plus will send you an email with a temporary password.

    Where can I find my voucher code?

    If you are eligible for this promotion, you will receive an exclusive code from the Xperia™ Lounge application.

    Check on your phone for the Xperia™ Lounge application. If you can’t find it, download the application from the Google Play store. Open the Xperia TM Lounge application and tap on the promotion.

    You will get your voucher code within a couple of steps. Come back to Privilege Plus and use your voucher code to create your account.

    Now you can build your collection & enjoy a world of entertainment straight from your device.

    2. What do I get?

    How many movies can I redeem?

    Promotions will vary by market. Enter your voucher code in the app to see how many movies you can redeem. You can see your remaining credits on the top of the screen when you are selecting your movies.

    Can I get TV series with Privilege Plus?

    Some TV series & episodes are available for you to enjoy with Privilege Plus. Promotions will vary by market, and by device. Contact your local Sony Mobile customer service for more information.

    Can I watch this movie on my other devices?

    Yes, you can view your content on your television if you have a Sony Bravia (Miracast enabled), HDMI Cable, or chromecast device.

    Can I purchase movies from the Privilege Plus App?

    Sorry, but this application is only for the download of digital copies of movies using the exclusive voucher codes provided through Xperia™ Privilege.

    3. How do I do it?

    How do I access the Privilege Plus application to watch on my Sony Android device?

    Privilege Plus is an embedded on a range of devices, or alternatively available for download at the Google Play store:

    How do I download my content?

    Once you have entered your voucher code and signed in to the app, select your content by clicking on the title’s artwork. Tap the download or play button from the details page to start enjoying your content.

    May I save the content to the SD card as well as the Phone Memory?

    Yes, when you initiate your download you can choose whether this is saved to the SD card or local memory. This may also be managed from the content manager. If you have a file to move from the SD card to local memory or visa-versa, please delete the file, set the desired location and re-download.

    What is the Content Manager?

    The Content Manager gives you control of how your content is installed. Your movies or TV episodes are downloaded one-at-a-time, and the Content Manager lets you download your movies or TV episodes in your preferred order. You can also cancel & pause downloads from this screen and see how much memory space you have free.

    Can I modify the language and subtitle options for my content?

    Yes, language and subtitle options can be modified at any time in the application settings, and movie details page. These settings are universal, and will apply for all movies or TV episodes downloaded. If your movie does not have the appropriate language or subtitle setting, change the setting and Privilege Plus will download it for you. Please note that not all languages are supported for all content.

    Do I need to install the Privilege Plus App to play back the movie?

    Yes, Each piece of content can only be playing within the Privilege Plus application. If you try to play your content through alternative software, it is unlikely to play.

    The commands listed below will be available depending on the movies or TV episode selected or downloaded and their status. If a command is not available for the selected item, the button will be disabled.

    Play Symbol: Plays the movie or TV episode in full screen. To stop your content playing in full screen press the back arrow or click the “Full Screen” icon on the Privilege Plus Player controls. This is only available when your content has been downloaded.

    Delete Symbol (a Trash Can Symbol): allows you to delete your content from the Privilege Plus Player. Note that this will delete the movie from your SD card.

    How do I stop playback and exit the Privilege Plus Player?

    Press the back button on your Android device to exit the full screen mode. You can then press back or home on your Android device to close the Privilege Plus Player in the same way that you would close another program.

    How do I remove the Privilege Plus application?

    Go to Settings-Application Manager and select the Privilege Plus Application. Then select the uninstall option to remove the application from the device.

    Please note, if you delete the Privilege Plus application, you will no longer be able to play movies saved on your device or SD card.

    4. Information

    How much space is my content taking up on my phone?

    This varies depending on the content that you have selected. The longer the content the bigger the file. Privilege Plus will let you view the file size of your content before downloading.

    What personal data is collected during login?

    The only data captured during log in, is your email address, password and age. No data will be shared with third parties without your permission.

    How long will the download take?

    The file size varies depending on the length of the movie. The time to download will vary depending on the speed of your Internet connection. For Example:

    900MB will take around 12 minutes at 10MB/s (DSL/Cable connection speed).

    900MB will take around 1 hour at 2MB/s (Cable, DSL 2000 connection speed).

    900MB will take around 2 hours at 1MB/s (Cable, DSL 1000, T1 connection speed).

    900MB will take around 73 hours at 28.8KB/s (Dial Up connection speed).

    1.7GB will take around 23 minutes at 10MB/s (DSL/Cable connection speed).

    1.7GB will take around 1 hour 57 minutes at 2MB/s (DSL 2000 connection speed).

    1.7GB will take around 3 hours 50 minutes at 1MB/s (Cable, DSL 1000, T1 connection speed).

    1.7GB will take around 141 hours at 28.8KB/s (Dial Up connection speed).

    5. Troubleshooting:

    What happens if my download fails?

    1. Try again on a faster internet connection, or try selecting a smaller file size.
    2. Close & re-launch the Application.

    If your download continues to fail after the steps above please contact with your Xperia™ Lounge voucher code number and the problem you experienced. The technical staff will be happy to help.

    Do I need an Internet connection to watch my content?

    You will need an Internet connection to download your content. After it has been downloaded you will be able to watch it without an Internet connection. You can watch it as many times as you like, online or offline, as long as you keep the downloaded file on your device.


    What is DRM (Digital Rights Management)?

    DRM or Digital Rights Management is a mechanic to control the distribution of digital content on the Internet. A piece of content has a license associated to it that controls the actions you are allowed to perform with the content.

    What is a license?

    A DRM license is information that is linked to the device you are playing the movie on. It tells the device that you are allowed to play the movie.

    How do I get a license?

    Your device must be connected to the Internet to acquire the license. Privilege Plus will acquire your license during download. If the license fails, Privilege Plus will re-attempt to acquire your license the first time you play your content.

    Can I copy my content to a computer?

    Sorry, no. Content is only accessible through the Privilege Plus application on an eligible Sony device.

    Will my content expire?

    Once the content has played on your device you can continue to play that content while it is stored on your device. Please refer to the terms of service for a complete list of rights and restrictions for Privilege Plus.

    How many times can I download my content?

    You can delete and re-download your content as many times as you like while the Privilege Plus service is running. You will be notified via email if there are any changes to the Privilege Plus service.

    7. Contact Us

    Still having trouble? Please email us at and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

    Can I use my Privilege Plus account on other Sony Mobile devices?

    Yes, you are allowed to log in to your account from a set number of compatibable devices.

    How many devices can I share my account on?

    3 compatible devices.

    Can I get my content in HD?

    Some users may be eligible to redeem & download their content in HD. Promotions vary by market.

    I have a Privilege Movies account, can I access my Privilege Movies account with Privilege Plus?

    Yes, you may log into your previous account in Privilege Plus. If you have an Xperia™ Lounge voucher code you can enter that when you log in to gain access to additional content.

    Q. What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

    A. Virtual Reality is a new medium that provides next level immersion of entertainment. Place your device in a headset and begin experiencing the world of VR. The headset tracks your movements and allows you to look around inside a virtual space. This allows you to experience fantastic environments as if you are there!

    Q. How do I access VR in Privilege Plus?

    A. Launch VR from the Home Page feature or from the VR tagged movie poster. Simply follow the in app instructions to get started.

    Q. Do I need to download VR content before experiencing?

    A. Yes! When you have the content fully downloaded and are in the VR theatre, simply hover over the VR packshot to start playback

    Q. Is VR available in multiple languages?

    A. Language availability varies by experience. Check language options in the download options to see what language(s) are available.

    Q. What is the difference between VR and 360?

    A. VR puts the user into an interactive environment that requires the use of a VR headset. This allows them to gain a deeper immersion to the VR experience. 360 video plays back content in an interactive 360 view that doesn’t require a headset but is less immersive.

    Q. Can I save the experience to my phone and use as many times as I like?

    A. Yes, the experience will download to your device. You can manage your downloaded content in the ‘Content Manager’.

    Q. What is the average file size of a VR experience?

    A. Average file size is 130mb.

    Q. Do I need to use a movie credit to experience VR?

    A. No! No movie credits need to be used.

    Virtual Reality (VR) is an immersive experience that allows you to be transported into some amazing movies. Whether you have a virtual reality viewer or not, you can experience Virtual Reality with Privilege Plus. Select 360 video to participate without a viewer, or virtual reality to participate with one.

    This VR experience is available in English only.

    Where can I get a headset?

    Click here