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How do I set up SmartWatch with my Android™ phone?

To set up your SmartWatch device, you need to:

  • install on your phone the LiveWare™ manager application or the Smart Connect application from Google Play™, if the application is not already installed.
  • pair your SmartWatch device with your phone using a Bluetooth™ connection.
  • install the SmartWatch application on your phone.
  • install on your phone applications which are tailor-made for SmartWatch, such as Messaging, Calendar, Find phone, Facebook and Twitter. These applications help you run specific functions on your SmartWatch device.

To install the LiveWare™ manager or Smart Connect application

  1. From your phone’s main application menu, find and tap Play Store.
  2. If you have a Sony phone running Android 4.0 or later, search for “smart connect”. If you have a phone running another Android version, search for “liveware manager”.
  3. Tap the application name, then tap Download.

To pair SmartWatch with your phone

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth™ function in your phone.
  2. Turn off SmartWatch if it is not already turned off.
  3. SmartWatch: Press and hold down the power key until the pairing screen appears.
    Pairing screen of SmartWatch
  4. Place your phone close to your SmartWatch.
  5. Go to the Bluetooth™ devices list in the Bluetooth settings of your phone. Tap SmartWatch.
  6. If the codes displayed on your phone and SmartWatch match, tap the Checkmark icon on your SmartWatch, then tap Pair on your phone.

Note: If pairing fails, the SmartWatch device switches off and you need to restart and enter pairing mode again.

To install the SmartWatch application

  1. Pair your phone with your SmartWatch.
  2. In the pop-up window that appears, tap Continue, and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

Note: Even when connected, your SmartWatch status is shown as Paired but not connected under Bluetooth settings in your phone.

To search for SmartWatch applications

  1. Phone: Drag the status bar downwards.
  2. Tap SmartWatch > Applications. A list of recommended and pre-configured applications for SmartWatch appears.
  3. Tap an application name to go to Google Play™, or tap Search for applications for a full list of available applications in Google Play™.

To install Google Play™ applications

  • In Google Play™, select an application you want to download, then follow the instructions that appear to download and install it on your phone.