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Get started with remote play on PLAYSTATION® 3

Before you can use remote play for the first time, you must set-up a remote play connection between a PLAYSTATION® 3 and your phone. You may be required to update the system software of the PS3™ system.

To use remote play via a 3G network or a hotspot, the following steps must be performed on the PS3™ system:

  • Enter network settings
  • Create a PlayStation®Network account
  • Set to sign in and to log in automatically
  • The system must be set in remote play connection standby mode, or turned on.

If the PS3™ system is set in remote play connection standby mode, you can turn on the PS3™ system from your phone. For further information, please see the PLAYSTATION® 3 website.

To get started with remote play:

  1. On the PS3™ system: Select Settings > Remote Play Settings > Register Device > Mobil Phone.
  2. In phone: Select Menu > Entertainment > Remote Play > Start.
  3. To confirm creation of an eight digit registration code on the PS3™ system, select Yes > OK.
  4. Enter the eight digit registration code created in the PS3™ system, and select OK.
  5. On the PS3™ system: When the registration is completed, select Yes.
  6. In phone: To start and configure remote play, select Yes > OK.

To set the PS3™ system in remote play connection standby mode:

  1. On the PS3™ system: Select Settings > Remote Play Settings.
  2. Select Remote Start > On.
  3. Check the box “Enable Remote Start via the Internet”, and select OK > Yes.