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Find out how to transfer contacts and more from your old mobile to your new Xperia™ smartphone.

Transfer your contacts – get it right from the start

We´re here to help you to transfer your contacts from your old phone to your new Xperia™ smartphone. And if you use Xperia™ Transfer, we’ll also help you to copy photos, bookmarks, messages and more.

There are several different methods. Pick the one that suits you the best.

Transfer your contacts using your Google account

The easiest and safest way is to save and store your contacts on your Google™ account, and then download them to your Xperia device. This means that your contacts are safely backed up and accessible from any device. Regardless of where you have your contacts stored today, like for example on your SIM card, memory card or in the phone memory, it is really easy, and it works for almost all phone models and manufacturers.

Xperia™ Transfer

Use Xperia™ Transfer to move your contacts, messages, music, photos, videos and more onto your new Xperia™ smartphone.

Read more about Xperia™ Transfer.

Xperia™ Transfer is available here:

Can I use my SIM card to transfer contacts?

We recommend that you do not import or export contacts using a SIM card. If you use the SIM card to store and transfer contacts, there is a high risk that you will lose your information. Your SIM card may not have enough space on it to save all contacts, and some SIM cards can only save one phone number for each contact.

Other methods available

If you want to transfer contacts directly between two devices, you can send them using Bluetooth™ technology, or you can copy contacts to your old phone’s memory card and insert the card into your new smartphone. Please check the user guide for your old phone and the new device for further assistance.

How to transfer contacts using Bluetooth

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