Xperia™ E dual

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  • Xperia™ E dual, 3.5 inch screen
  • Xperia E dual
  • Xperia E dual
  • Xperia E dual

Stay on top of your data and battery usage

The Sony Xperia E dual Android cell phone has everything you need to stay in control. The data usage app helps you manage your costs and keeps your phone bill free from unwanted surprises. And thanks to the power management functionality, you’ll be on top of battery drain too.

The Xperia E dual SIM cell phone from Sony lets you stay on top of your data and battery usage.
Thanks to noise cancelation, you make yourself heard loud and clear with the Xperia E dual Android phone from Sony.

First class basics

With HD voice* you make yourself heard, loud and clear. Calls from school yards and city streets are no problem either. The noise cancelation feature filters out the background sounds. The person you’re talking to will hear you as clear as if you were standing next to him.
Listen for yourself

* HD voice functionality is operator-dependant.

Music the way you want it

The “WALKMAN” app on your Sony dual SIM cell phone is all about ease of use – and great music. You create your own playlists in a snap. So you can spend your time listening to music, instead of trying to figure out how features and functions work. Crank up the volume with xLoud loudness enhancement and get the sound mix just right with the graphic equaliser.

The “WALKMAN” app on the Xperia E dual SIM cell phone from Sony gives you music the way you want it.
The dual SIM cards of the Xperia E dual SIM mobile give you cost-efficient and convenient call handling.

Convenient call handling with a dual SIM mobile

The dual SIM cards are perfect when you want to separate work from play – and handle your calls in a cost-efficient way. You switch between SIM cards anytime with a simple touch. Or make the switch happen automatically: just preset which SIM card to use at specific times of the day.

Owning an Xperia™ smartphone has never been so much fun.

Open up a world of digital entertainment with the Sony Entertainment Network*, and get access to music, games, and more. One account is all you need to start listening, playing and sharing across multiple devices.

Experience more

*Sony Entertainment Network services are not available in every market.

Sony Entertainment Network – Content & Services