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Within reach

This Android™ compatible watch keeps you discreetly updated & your hands free

Available colors

White clip, black display (metallic frame)

  • SmartWatch
  • SmartWatch - Clock interfaces
  • SmartWatch with Multi-touch UI color OLED display

Get more from the latest

Talk to it, fill it up with music, track your movements, and customize it to match your style. Get the latest SmartWatch and never miss a thing.

Check out the SmartWatch 3 SWR50

The latest SmartWatch 3 SWR50 gives you useful info when you need it most.
The SmartWatch Android compatible watch features an ultra-responsive touch display.

Never miss a thing

Think of the noisiest places, the quietest places and the busiest places you have been. How many times have you missed an important call, message or other notification because you didn’t hear the tone or it wasn’t suitable to be checking your phone? A lot.

With a Sony SmartWatch on your wrist, you miss nothing.

Your life. Your lifestyle

Your social network, your colleagues, family and friends know they can reach you because you miss nothing. Your phone can be in your bag or pocket or anywhere within 10 meters. Like a mini version of your smartphone, SmartWatch reflects what is happening in your world and lets you know.

Dedicated apps

Download apps for your smartphone lifestyle from Google Play. Control your music player from your wrist. Fitness apps are available for an active lifestyle.

SmartWatch works with most Android phones.

See compatibility

SmartWatch vibrates when something comes in. Trust it.


At a concert or other similar environment, it is easy to miss a call or notification. SmartWatch vibrates when something comes in. Trust it.

Discrete notifications of incoming emails, calendar events and other important information.


At work, you can be discreetly notified of incoming email, calendar events and other important information. Your smartphone can be in your pocket or bag.

Leave your phone in your pocket or bag at the cinema.


At the movies, leave your phone in your pocket or bag. When something comes in, SmartWatch will let you know.

SmartWatch - Smart connect.

Smart Connect

Set up your Sony SmartWatch and load it with all the apps you want. Download Smart Connect from Google Play.

SmartWatch - Compatible.


SmartWatch makes life easy. If you have an Android smartphone, here is the perfect accessory.

SmartWatch - Easy living.

Easy living

Smart Connect lets you decide what happens when you connect your smartphone to any device.

SmartWatch will go great with