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I cannot update my device software using a computer

  • When updating your device software using PC Companion or Bridge for Mac, your computer must have access to the Internet. Visit any website, for example,, to verify that the computer can access the Internet. If there is no Internet connection, please check the cable, router and the Internet service provider.

  • If your computer has a firewall, make sure that the firewall doesn’t prevent the relevant update applications from running.


    Checking the firewall
    Check your firewall and make sure that the following applications are allowed to access the Internet:

    • Sony Ericsson Update Engine.exe (If you are using a PC)

    • PCCompanion.exe (If you are using a PC)

    • Sony Ericsson Update (If you are using a Mac computer)

    • Sony Bridge for (If you are using a Mac computer)

  • If you are trying to update your device when connected to a corporate network, you might be using a proxy server. Please contact your network administrator for further assistance.

  • After connecting your phone to the computer using a USB cable, PC Companion displays “Searching phone” but is unable to find the phone. If your phone has a memory card, unmount and remove the memory card, then connect your phone to PC Companion again. Before continuing, confirm that the USB cable isn’t damaged and that it is properly connected to the USB port on the computer. You could also try using another USB port.

  • If you still experience problem when trying to update your device software with PC Companion, you can also try update service and if that doesn’t help please contact us.

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