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SmartWear – made with you in mind

Our beautifully innovative range of SmartWear gives you the freedom of choice. From fitness, to business and everything in between, enhance every moment.

An extension of you

Whatever you’re looking for, take your mobile experience to the next level with SmartWear. Our range of wearable technology keeps you on top of the moments that matter, gathering visual insights, and helping you stay connected to the things you love, wherever you are.

SmartWear is designed to keep up with an active lifestyle – helping you set and reach your personal goals.

Everyday fitness

With intelligent sensor technology, SmartWear helps you set and reach all your fitness goals.

SmartWear helps you stay up to date with your life – receive message and control music in just one tap.

Keep track of your day

Stay up to date with your life – receive and display messages and control music by touch or tap.

From straps to apps, customise with personal touches to make your SmartWear truly yours.

The freedom of choice

From straps to apps, customise your SmartWear by adding the personal touches that make it yours.

Beauty beyond the expected

SmartWear should feel like part of you; fitting in with your life and reflecting your identity. Our range helps you to express yourself, made with the finest materials and with the latest innovations to bring you experiences beyond the everyday.

  • SmartBand 2
  • SmartWatch 3
  • SmartBand Talk
  • SmartBand with ROXY®

Fall in love with everyday again

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with Lifelog, our cutting-edge life-tracking application. Working with SmartWear, Lifelog enables you to track your activity throughout the day, with different features tailored to each SmartWear device.

Express your identity

Beautifully designed to reflect your individuality, our SmartWear wearable technology is compatible with designs from partners across the globe, including Roxy, Jack Vartanian, Altewaisaome and many more, to create richer, more exciting experiences for you to enjoy.

Do it all on Android

SmartWear isn’t just exclusive to Sony users – our wearable tech range is perfectly compatible with any Android phone. So you can enjoy all the benefits of SmartWear with Sony.