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Log your life with SmartWear

SmartWear is the wearable technology from Sony that allows you to log your day, every day.
Set your daily goals and challenge your all-time bests.

Movement, communications and entertainment. In detail

SmartWear wearable technology lets you stay on top of things that matter. It interacts with your smartphone or tablet and lets you see your life as you live it. A fun and animated Android app records your physical, social and entertainment activities. For any given day, you can see how active you were, where you went, what pictures you took and how you have been communicating with your world. Lifelog will also help you set activity goals and monitor your progress.

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Log your day. Every day

The Lifelog app will also help you gather points based on how you live and move.

The Lifelog app works with Sony’s wearable technology and can see if you’ve been walking, running, cycling or travelling by train – and how you’ve slept. Not only that, it also lets you see photos you’ve taken and music you’ve listened to.

Discover new ways to live and log your life with your smartphone and tablet.

Stay one step ahead.

Set your daily goals and challenge your all-time bests. Look ahead in time to see just how much more you need to cycle to achieve your daily activity goal.

Log your life everyday

Life Bookmarks

Catch that special moment. Press the Life Bookmark key on your SmartBand and everything going on at that moment is caught and remembered forever.

Log your life with SmartWear

The Lifelog app from Sony is available at Google Play

Intelligent sensor

SmartBand SWR10 incorporates a removable core unit and a stylish and comfortable wrist strap. The core contains advanced sensor technology that feels your movements and sends the data to your smartphone.

Log your life

SmartBand SWR10

SmartBand is an innovative life-logging wrist band that lets you keep track of everything you do – your movements, your communications, your entertainment. Wearable technology for around the clock, wherever you go. Log special moments and watch your life played back to you on your Android smartphone or tablet.

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