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Xperia™ E1

Bold design, large display

Get the party started with a smart and super loud smartphone

Available colours


  • Xperia™ E1 – a new Android smartphone made for music.
  • Xperia™ E1 has a 4 inch high quality screen.
  • Play it loud with Xperia™ E1, the new Android from Sony.
  • Stay in touch with the Xperia™ E1 from Sony.
  • Enjoy your entertainment on the Xperia™ E1 new Android smartphone.

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With super-fast 4G, an enhanced 5-megapixel camera and corners crafted for extra resilience, the latest Xperia E3 is ready for your next adventure.

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The most powerful smartphone processor in its class*

Looking for the full Sony smartphone experience? Check out our new Android smartphone, the Xperia E1. Built for your active lifestyle, the Xperia E1 features Sony’s signature design. It welcomes you into the world of smartphones with its exclusive Walkman™ music experience, premium-feel interface, lightning fast processor and long-life battery.

* Verified against the top 100 smartphones of 2013 within the same price bracket (less than 175 Euro MSRP/RRP at launch) by Strategy Analytics Ltd. as of 28 November 2013. Learn more about our test results here

The Xperia™ E1 is a new Android smartphone with a premium feel, a lightning fast processor and a long-lasting battery.

Super sound for amazing parties, anywhere

Featuring a 100 dB loudspeaker, the Xperia™ E1 from Sony is a new Android smartphone made for great music.

Loud and clear – the Walkman™ music experience

The Xperia E1 gives you a pumping, boom-bastic listening experience. This new Android smartphone is powered by Sony’s xLOUD sound enhancement engine, and its loudspeaker plays your music at up to 100 dB. We’ve also brought ClearAudio+ and Clear Bass into the mix. These audio technologies from Sony work together to add crystal-clear sound quality to the party vibe.

Learn more about the Xperia E1 music phone

The Xperia™ E1 from Sony is a new Android smartphone designed to let you manage your music the easy way – with Shake control.

On the move, always in tune

The Xperia E1 is powered up and tough enough to go where you go – this new Android smartphone from Sony is designed to let you stay in touch, wherever you are. It’s easy to control your music on the go, too. With Shake control, you just shake to shuffle.

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The Xperia™ E1 is a new Android smartphone with a premium feel that looks distinctively Sony.

Show it off. With pride.

With its distinctive look and feel, the Xperia E1 welcomes you to the full Sony smartphone experience. Subtle colours that ooze sophistication. This is a new Android smartphone that’s affordable, yet has a solid, premium feel.

Get the full details on the Xperia E1 design

Listen your way – connect your music

Tailor your music experience just the way you want it. The Sony Xperia E1 has a wide range of music accessories to choose from, all for your listening pleasure.

With the Xperia™ E1 Android smartphone from Sony, you can choose from a wide range of music accessories.

Stereo Bluetooth® Headset SBH20

Choose your colour and enjoy impressive audio without wires.

Bluetooth® Music Receiver BM10

Wirelessly connect your Xperia E1 to the sound system in your home.

Keep your eyes on the screen

The Xperia™ E1 is a new Android smartphone from Sony, featuring a 4 inch display built with the same expertise that brought you Sony TVs.

Have it all on the 4” display

Your smartphone screen is where you keep in touch with mates. It’s where you kill time with a game when the bus is late. It’s where you watch videos. All in all, your smartphone screen is a pretty important place. Xperia E1’s large, 4” display is built with the same expertise that brought you Sony TVs. Our engineers have optimised these TV technologies for mobile phones. The result? A new Android smartphone with a quality display that gives you everything in crisp, lifelike colours.

Read more about the Xperia E1 design

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