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Xperia™ X1

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Configure MMS settings

When you start your phone for the first time, it automatically fetches your wireless service provider’s MMS settings. If you accidentally lose the preset settings, or if you want to add another wireless service provider, you can configure the settings while composing a multimedia message.

Note: If your phone already has preset MMS settings, we recommend that you do not change these settings. If you change the preset settings, your phone may not be able to send and receive multimedia messages. If you add several MMS message service providers to the Settings screen, you can choose one as your default provider.

To configure the MMS settings:

  1. Tap Start > Messaging > SMS / MMS.
  2. Tap Menu > MMS Options.
  3. On the Preferences (tab), select or clear the provided check boxes according to your needs.
  4. On the Servers (tab), check if your device is preset with MMS server settings.
  5. If there are no settings, tap New and enter the following information, which you can get from your other wireless service provider:
    • Server name. A descriptive name, such as your wireless service provider name.
    • Gateway. Location of the MMS server, which is usually in the form of an IP address.
    • Port number. HTTP port number used for connecting to the MMS server and for file transfer.
    • Server address. URL address of the server where multimedia messages are stored.
    • Connect via. Select the connection that your phone uses for multimedia messages.
    • Send limit. Select the maximum multimedia message size allowed by your wireless service provider.
    • WAP Version. Select either WAP 1.2 or WAP 2.0, depending on which one is being used by your other wireless service provider.