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Essential support on optimising your battery performance for your Xperia™ smartphone.

Optimise battery performance

Read our tips on how to make your battery last longer.

Your daily usage affects battery life

Smartphones have big, clear displays high resolution, and they can automatically synchronise with your email and social networking services. Also, there are applications and functions that run in the background that consume power. The more functions you use, the more battery power your smartphone needs.
Make sure that you charge your smartphone often. You can for example, charge your smartphone when you go to bed at night.

Tips for optimising battery performance

Some functions in your smartphone consume more battery power than others. Here are a few tips on how to reduce your smartphone’s battery consumption:

  • Lower the screen brightness level and set a shorter screen timeout.
  • Turn off functions when you’re not using them, for example, Bluetooth™, Wi-Fi®, and GPS.
  • Turn off automatic sync of email, calendar, contacts, and other applications. Instead, manually update these services when you need them.
  • Some applications consume more battery power than others. For example, games, the video player, and web browsers.
  • Live wallpapers consume more energy. Switch to a static wallpaper and start saving battery power.
  • Check the signal strength. In areas with poor or no network coverage, your smartphone frequently scans for a network connection, and this consumes battery power. Switch to Airplane mode if you know that you won’t be near a mobile network for a while.
  • Some downloaded applications can drain the battery with processes running in the background. If you’ve installed applications that you no longer use, it’s better to uninstall them.
  • Some widgets use a lot of data traffic and therefore use a lot of battery. You can either uninstall or stop the widget or application to prevent it from draining the battery.

Extended Standby Mode

Save battery power on your Xperia™ smartphone by using Extended Standby mode.

Extended Standby mode helps you save battery power by pausing your activities until you start using your smartphone again. When you haven’t used your smartphone for 15 minutes, Extended Standby mode starts saving power. When you start using the device again, all functionality automatically returns to normal.
This is how Extended Standby mode affects your smartphone:

  • Most apps go to sleep, and their Wi-Fi® and data connections are temporarily turned off.
  • Apps stop syncing and notifications don’t show.
  • The battery light only lights up to warn of a low battery.
  • Data streaming is not affected, for example, streamed music continues to play.
  • You will still receive calls and text and multimedia messages.
  • You’ll receive notifications from the Sony™ calendar and alarm signals.
  • The music or Walkman player and FM radio will work normally.
  • Downloads and uploads in progress won’t stop until they are completed.

Extended Standby mode is activated in Settings > Power management.

Keep track of battery use

You can see which functions and applications consume the most battery power from the Settings menu.

You can see which functions and applications consume the most battery power from the Settings menu. For some applications, this menu allows you to adjust settings affecting power usage, or to stop the application completely. The battery menu is found in Settings > Power management.
Start exploring. Take a look at the set of widgets on your smartphone. Some of them will help you turn on and off functions more easily.

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