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The Xperia neo V Android smartphone has HD video recording.
Sony Ericsson Xperia neo V - connect to your TV via HDMI.

Go for the big screen

Everything you see on your phone on your HD TV. Connect the Xperia neo V to the TV with and HDMI cable and you’re all set. Could it be any easier? Well, yes. And it is. You can navigate your phone pics and videos with your TV remote.

Scenes that pop out

Enjoyed the scenery on your last holiday? See those breathtaking mountains, dense rain forests and exotic city streets come to life again. Use the 3D Sweep Panorama function* for your holiday snaps. Then gather your mates in front of your 3D TV and amaze them with true depth, clarity and realism.

Xperia neo V has 3D Sweep Panorama.
Catch life with the Xperia neo V HD mobile phone.

Catch life with an HD mobile phone

Dinner at mum’s. A birthday party in the garden. Your daughter’s first ballet show. Catch life as it happens in beautiful High Definition video.

* When viewing 3D images shot with this phone on a 3D-compatible monitor, you may experience discomfort in the form of eye strain, fatigue, or nausea. To prevent these symptoms, we recommend that you take regular breaks. However, you need to determine for yourself the length and frequency of breaks you require, as they vary according to the individual. If you experience any type of discomfort, stop viewing the 3D images until you feel better, and consult a physician as necessary. Also refer to the operating instructions supplied with the device or software you have connected or are using with this phone. Note that a child’s eyesight is still at the development stage (particularly children below the age of 6). Consult a pediatrician or ophthalmologist before letting your child view 3D images, and make sure he/she observes the above precautions when viewing such images.

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